Industry Leading Innovation

At the heart of the PURE concept is a ground breaking technology drawing on several decades of heritage and technique from industry experts in German and Italy, with unrivalled expertise in quality and superior care for garments.

By collaborating with the pioneers of this industry, our laboratory is home to the latest technology from top brands like Miele, Veit and Ilsa. By employing only the best we are privileged to be able to offer our customers nothing less.



The secret is in the way pure
makes you feel

The sensation PURE gives you each time you put on your clothes is unmistakable. The PURE effect is not just about making you look good, but feel fantastic too.

At PURE we believe that by helping our customers to look and feel their best we can help make their personal and professional lives that little bit easier. Whether you have an important day at the office or are meeting up for an evening with that special someone, PURE is there to help you feel confident and look immaculate.



Refuse to let your style fade

The process of washing your clothes with regular detergent has the effect of reducing the brightness of colored items. The industry-leading techniques and eco-friendly materials used by PURE are kinder to your clothes and mean that brilliant colors maintain their radiance for longer, protecting your favorite outfits from the effects of cleaning. For a more specialized service in this domain, Pure has achieved a collaboration with "Kreussler Textile Care", experts in professional textile care in Germany & worldwide; specialized in commercial laundry, wet cleaning and dry cleaning.
With PURE your style will shine for longer.



Striving for excellence

PURE knows that our customers are passionate about looking and feeling good. By learning from the best in the industry and utilizing leading technology, our team of professionals is able to draw upon techniques and skills to match any in the world. The PURE team are experts in dealing with all types of fabrics, from corporate business wear to cocktail outfits, which means that all your garments are in the safest of hands.



A team with a big ambition

At PURE we see our team members as part of a very exclusive family. Working with us is more than just a job, it is a rewarding professional platform where people can develop their careers and make a lifelong investment in their futures.

The respectful and friendly working environment we provide encourages every member of our team give their very best, every single day. By investing time and effort in helping to develop out most important asset, we can go further to provide for our customers and consistently exceed expectations.



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